TBA President Cindy Wyrick Challenges Law Students to Take on Pro Bono Work

The time for lawyers and law students to undertake pro bono project is now.

cindy wyrick tba presidentRecently elected Tennessee Bar Association President Cindy Wyrick spoke to law students and faculty about the absolute necessity of participation in and commitment to pro bono and public interest representation at a recent event held at the University of Tennessee College of Law.  No doubt you have heard the saying, “When EF Hutton talks, People listen.” Mrs. Wyrick is hoping that the same is true when she speaks to soon-to-be lawyers.

The Pro Bono and Public Interest Law School Conference, where TBA President Wyrick spoke, is sponsored by the Tennessee Bar Association. The Conference is intended to encourage conversation about the necessity and challenges surrounding pro bono work. Additionally, important “access to justice” issues were discussed.

Representatives of all six law schools in Tennessee were represented at the conference.

In addition to Tennessee Supreme Court Justices Sharon Lee and Janice Holder who were participants, other members of the Access to Justice Commission made presentations. Chairman Buck Lewis made it clear in his keynote address that much work still remains to be done and the time to do it is now.

Public interest projects are available throughout Tennessee. The challenge of course is to remain committed to these projects after graduation from law school and the necessity of meeting the high demands of employers.

Image Credit:  TBA

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