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Why You Should I Hire a Woman Lawyer

Women Lawyer Office

Hire a woman lawyer, because she’s a woman? “Don’t be sexist.”

Yes, the conversation was going to take another turn.

In a bar in downtown Nashville, Cindy and Devon had been talking about the disintegration of Cindy’s marriage. Sure, she knew they had problems, but were they that serious?

She found out how serious the problems were when she came home from work and found the divorce papers laying on the kitchen table.

So it was real. At least it seemed real. Now he decision is “How do I protect myself?”

Devon claims that a female lawyer will see things from a woman’s perspective. She’s convinced that this is something no man can do. Is she right?

So for now we’ll stop right here. I’ve not given you an answer, only raised the question.

It’s an important question. Don’t be bashful about answering it when the time (unfortunately) comes.