Are Women Lawyers More Successful

Nobody wants to talk about it. At least not in the open.

But the question is being asked. Are women lawyers more successful because of people skills that are simply better than their male counter-parts?

So we aren’t talking about hiring in order to meet some “social demanded” quota. There’s a thought that women lawyers are being hired simply because many can outperform men.

A recent article published in the American Bar Journal puts a finer point on it.

Quoting Susan Hackett, former general counsel of the Association of Corporate Counsel, the Journal writes “”Companies have tended to reward the kinds of skills that women in general are known for bringing—the ability to accommodate and collaborate, the ability to lead teams, the ability to look for different kinds of solutions.”

Certainly, in areas where conflict resolution short of bring out bazookas is require, many will say women have better skills as a general principle. However one wonders is that enough to overcome years of a male dominate profession where senior partners refer to other male senior partners.

The National Association of Women Lawyers is an association for women lawyers whose goal is to speak out on issues that affect women and women lawyers.

Query: Is it possible women just often have better leadership skills, not just better “people skills”?

The jury is still out on this one.

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